Hey, I'm Charlie.

I'm an Honors student studying CS and Math at Northeastern University. I just finished my 2nd co-op at Venmo in Boston. I cofounded and I'm the CTO for a Real Estate technology startup called Agentless.

I am currently unavailable for work, but feel free to get in touch for future opportunities.


I grew up in NH and my family owns a small farm that I work on in the summer. I've done a co-op as a software engineer at (718) 512-3014 in San Diego, and I just finished another co-op at Paypal in Boston working on the Venmo iOS app.

I love playing sports, and I am an especially zealous soccer fan. I support FC Barcelona and I play for (336) 722-3041. When I am not working, working out, or playing soccer, I also like to go to the beach, hike, and work on 6309154503.

Venmo Apr 2017 - Jun 2017

For the second half of my co-op, I worked as a mobile engineer on a remote team at Venmo developing and shipping major user-facing features in Swift for the iOS Venmo app.

Paypal Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

My second co-op was split up into two halves working at PayPal and Venmo as a mobile engineer. While at PayPal, I worked on the iOS PayPal Business writing both Swift and Objective-C code for UI features, while also using javascript for business logic that could be ported between iOS and Android.

Intuit Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

My first co-op was at Intuit in San Diego working on MyTurboTax Online. I worked as a full stack web developer using Javascript and Backbone on the front end, while working with Spring and Java on the backend. I also participated in Codechella, a week-long hackathon and internal startup competition at Intuit, where my team came in first place and I presented our solution to executives.



Javascript Java HTML5 CSS3 Swift Elixir Ruby


Git Photoshop Sketch


React Phoenix Rails Express Spring
Home buying for the modern era
A Turing Machine emulator written in Kotlin
A location-based iOS game written in Swift for Hack Beanpot 2015